Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose short-term tourist rental for my property?

The revenue generated by this type of exploitation is multiple than the traditional way of renting. The tenant’s creditworthiness will no longer worry you, as our company and the platforms we work with guarantee the payment of the rent.

What is the legal framework for the tourist exploitation of my property?

According to the legal framework in force since 01/02/2017, there is a limitation of up to 2 properties per person. The property to be exploited should be registered in the short-term lease and its rental should not exceed 90 days per year (60 days if the property is located on an island with a population of less than 10000), provided that the person who has the usufruct has an annual income exceeding € 12,000. If the exploitation is operated by a legal entity, there should exist an EOT sign and the above limitations will not apply.

At what level can Shadingblue help me in the short-term exploitation of my property?

We can take all the steps, from preparation to your property up to the management and bookings. Namely:
– all the procedures that will make your property optimal for tourism exploitation (renovation, furnishing, photographing and anything else you need).
– Creating attractive electronic listings on selected platforms and on our website.
– Managing and optimizing the promotion of digital listings in order to maximize your profit.
– Complete communication with the tenants or prospective tenants before and after a reservation.
– Supervision and completion of the necessary work before, during and after each rental so that tenants are fully satisfied and your property is permanently available for rent.
– Repairs you may need.
– Accounting and legal support of your property.
-Free EOT sign in case of exclusive cooperation

What specifications should my property meet, to be taken over by Shadingblue?

The properties we undertake must be furnished, with hot water, heating, kitchen, refrigerator, kitchen (pots, pans, cutlery, glasses), internet, TV. There should also be photos (preferably professional) of your property’s premises. In case any of the above conditions are not met, we can undertake the necessary upgrading of your property at privileged prices.

I want to take advantage of my property but it needs to be renovated first. What can Shading Blue do for me?

Our company cooperates with a famous construction company with many years of experience in the field of construction and renovation, so we can guarantee the preferential cost and quality of any works it may need.

Which are the regions that you undertake?

Regarding the online promotion of real estate, there is no limitation based on the region. As far as management is concerned, we have a strong presence in Attica, Cyclades (mainly in Mykonos and Santorini) and Fthiotida, but we can also manage other parts of Greece.

What if I have already listed my property on the platforms?

We can undertake existing listings and optimize them to maximize your profit. If there are already reservations, we can arrange for them to be booked at a substantial discount.

What if I want to work on many properties?

We can do it by maintaining our high level of services provided with a significant discount on our payment and by offering smart solutions.

How many days does Shading Blue need to start renting my space?

Once we have reached to an agreement, we need 9-10 days to create the best possible online listings of your property and plan its promotion strategy

How is the final rental price set for my property?

Our company has specialized personnel and methods in processing and analyzing the data, which determine rental pricing, in order to maximize your profit and the quality of rentals. However, we are also open to your suggestions.

How do tenants and the cleaning workshop access the interior of my property?

There are two possible solutions, either 4 sets of keys for all areas of the property (1 for the surveillance of the area by Shading Blue, 1 for the cleaning workshop and 1 + 1 spare for the tenants), or a system with passwords, which we can offer you through our qualified associates, upon request.

What about possible damages to my property?

Guests in their overwhelming majority leave the property in excellent condition. However, before and after each rental we check the property and inform you with photo material if any unwanted change occurs in your premises. In this rare case, we claim your full compensation from platforms and tenants, with all legal means.

Can I keep my space for me?

Of course! You inform us by phone or email about the dates you want and we will bind the property for you in our calendar (unless there is a reservation for the specific dates for which you will be informed in time).

What if I want to cancel our cooperation?

We need written notice at least 70 days in advance to stop the promotion of your property. As far as already made reservations, they have to be made even after the interruption, with our applicable fee and obligations for these bookings.